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Stu Johnson /

The latest state COVID-19 Community Level transmission map shows 11 Kentucky counties registering in the red category, which is the highest level of spread. One of those counties is Perry, which contains the Hazard community. Scott Lockard is the Kentucky River District Health Director. At this point with coronavirus in Kentucky, Lockard said those living in red counties should still consider it a warning sign.

“When you’re in a red county you should try to be morning careful. I know a lot of people, they really don’t want to wear a mask or anything now. But, that is still one of the best protections we can do,” said Lockard.

Lockard noted there are a lot of respiratory illnesses continuing to spread.

“If you’re sick and have a fever and have congestion and other, you know, you are spreading something. So, it just don’t apply to COVID. You know, we have a lot of people with undiagnosed ailments, that are spreading respiratory illness.”

Lockard said Perry County has far fewer COVID cases this January compared to a year ago.

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