Kentucky House on Wednesday July 24th CREDIT STU JOHNSON

With pension reforms for universities and more than a hundred quasi government agencies now finalized, state lawmakers could turn their attention to the pensions of thousands of other public employees.

House Speaker David Osborne said funding pensions will be a key concern when lawmakers take up the budget early next year.

The Kentucky Supreme Court struck down the legislature’s first attempt at retirement system reform.  Osborne believes it’s a step-by-step process. “You know, I do believe that what we have learned is that any change is incremental and there is no broad brush solution to this,” said Osborne.

House Minority Floor Leader Rocky Adkins doesn’t see a need for a pension bill in 2020.  He said teachers’ retirement is on its way to recovery.  The eastern Kentucky lawmaker contends that reforms made in 2008, 2010, and 2013 that included investments and pension oversight are working.​  “I really don’t think there needs to be a bill and I’m going to tell you why… if you will look at the earnings that have been returned on the investments that have been made in KERS and in teachers’ retirement, it is showing very, very positive returns,” he said.