Atria Senior Living and the Kentucky Association of Assisted Living Facilities (KALFA)

OBJECTIVE: Update the laws regarding the operation of assisted living facilities in the Commonwealth of Kentucky during the 2010 Regular Session of the Kentucky General Assembly. The last change occurred in the 2000 legislature.

A third of the session days had passed before KALFA decided to proceed with the legislation. KALFA met and discussed changes with the Cabinet for Health Services and reached agreement with the Cabinet on the scope of change and the impact it would have on services.

Capitol Solutions was immediately able to secure two of the strongest House members as bill sponsors and the support of the Chair of the Senate Health & Welfare Committee. We also recruited allied organizations such as the AARP and Home Health Association.

We educated all members of the Health & Welfare Committees on the need for and benefits of the legislation, negotiated changes with the Nursing Home Association and mitigated concerns raised from the Pharmacists’ Association.

Capitol Solutions defeated all efforts to weaken the legislation through amendments and negative propaganda offered by opposing organizations. This included opposition and concerns by some KALFA members who had institutional relationships with the long-term care community.


RESULTS: Assisted living providers gained significant updates which will allow them to better serve their clients, resulting in increased revenues for the facilities and savings to the state. This was accomplished with no fee increases to the provider facilities.

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