UnitedHealthcare of Kentucky, Ltd.

OBJECTIVE: Preserve the state employee health insurance contracts awarded to UnitedHealthcare through a competitive RFP. Contracts which were being threatened by the Attorney General, lawmakers and UnitedHealthcare’s competitors during the 2004 Extraordinary Session of the Kentucky General Assembly.

STRATEGY: Scheduled meetings with key members of the leadership of both legislative chambers to outline the need to maintain the contracts as awarded by the Commonwealth and presented alternatives that would help resolve the crisis.

Utilized the resources of the client, including personal appearances by the President of UnitedHealthcare Kentucky, along with the rapid turnaround of actuarial pricing of various legislative proposals.

Formed coalitions with other health insurance carriers who were awarded contracts.

Worked with the executive branch leadership responsible for both the contracts and the implementation of the program to provide health insurance to almost 200,000 state employees and retirees.

Coordinated a uniform attack/strategy with key lawmakers, executive branch personnel and client.

The legislature not only preserved UnitedHealthcare’s 2005 contract worth an estimated $240 million, but also provided additional benefits to recipients which boosted the value of the contract by an additional $39 million.

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