Tyson Foods (Special Session)

OBJECTIVE: Seek to change the language in House Bill 1 of the 2007 Special Session of the General Assembly relating to biodiesel and the tax credits associated with it.

STRATEGY: Scheduled meetings with key House and Senate staff who were responsible for drafting the legislation. We made it clear that Tyson Foods in partnership with ConocoPhillips has plans to produce and market the next generation of renewable diesel fuel, which will help supplement the traditional petroleum-based diesel fuel supply. The partnership plans to use beef, pork and poultry by-product fat to create a transportation fuel. The fuel will contribute to America’s energy security and help to address climate change concerns.

We met with the Governor’s top staff members as well as lawmakers to discuss the importance of including a new-generation fuel and associated tax credits with a company that already has millions of dollars and 1,500+ jobs in Kentucky. This process also eliminates a waste product in the process, so the environmental impact is multiplied.

We stressed the other benefits:

  • Produces lower life-cycle carbon emissions
  • Increases energy security by using a domestic and renewable energy source
  • Can be used in today’s vehicles.
  • Can be produced and distributed with existing refineries and fuel distribution systems
  • Refinery quality control systems ensure product quality

In August 2007, we were successful in having the renewal biofuels language for Tyson Foods included in the final version. This language also makes them eligible for annual tax credits up to $10 million dollars not including tax incentives to locate their facility in the state.

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