About Capitol Solutions, LLC

Capitol Solutions, LLC, was founded in 1999 as a full-service lobbying, grassroots training and consulting firm assisting clients with legislative and regulatory concerns at all levels of government. Providing individual attention, surpassing client expectations, achieving desired results and old-fashioned hard work are all trademarks of Capitol Solutions. From our experience in the private sector, we understand “return on investment.” Ask our clients.

We Earn It Each Day

The lobbyists at Capitol Solutions have a reputation for hard work, long hours and delivering clients the type of representation they deserve and pay for. When our clients’ bottom lines are on the line, Capitol Solutions is there. Not just when the lawmakers are in session, but 365 days a year.

Experience Doesn’t Cost. It Pays.

When you need someone to help you navigate the bureaucracies of government, rookies need not apply. Capitol Solutions has the knowledge and relationships to cut through the red tape and get you to the decision makers. We have over 30 years of experience in the lobbying arena and have held positions in both national and state political organizations. We are well-known and respected by both Democrats and Republicans, and enjoy trusted relationships that have been cultivated over a number of years with key decision makers. People in both the legislative and executive branches of government know when we give you our word that you can bank on it. We don’t waver. We don’t make excuses. Our business success depends on our reputation, and we take it very seriously.


Government relations is our business. Whether it’s guiding through a regulation, researching an issue, finding the best lawmaker to sponsor your legislation or simply introducing you to the right person who can make a decision, we deliver. We can quickly ascertain who will be friend or foe for your issue. We develop coalitions, organize grassroots action and implement strategies to ensure success. Nothing is left to chance. In politics, winning does not happen by accident; it happens for a reason. For our clients, Capitol Solutions is that reason.

The Bottom Line

Our business is like any other. You deliver what the client wants or the firm that replaces you will. At Capitol Solutions we have a history of providing the results that our clients pay us for, and we are confident that we can do the same for your business, organization or trade association. When results matter, call Capitol Solutions.

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